Our consultants provide strategic insights to refine your QA processes. We offer detailed audits, strategy development, and implementation guidance to elevate the quality of your software products.

When to Seek QA Consulting

  • Continuous Improvement: An independent QA process review, similar to data security and finance audits, can uncover improvement opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our QA consultants assess communication, testing, customer service, and accountability, aiming to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Tailored Advice: We provide specific, time-tested advice to optimize your QA processes, resulting in immediate improvements, efficient budget management, and higher-quality products.
  • Expert Project Management: Our project managers ensure smooth system operation.

Signs You Need QA Consulting

  • No Structured QA Process: Absence of a formal QA framework.
  • Ineffective QA Processes: Issues like significant defects in production, budget overruns, and missed deadlines.
  • Optimization Opportunities: The current QA meets basic KPIs but could be optimized.
  • Lack of Test Automation: Test automation is needed for CI/CD implementation, DevOps, or shift-left approaches, but in-house capabilities are lacking.
  • Specialized Experience Required: The in-house team lacks expertise in certain software architectures (e.g., event-driven, service-oriented) or technologies (e.g., IoT, AI).
  • Maturity Mismatch: QA maturity does not match corporate business process maturity.

How QA Consultants Can Help

  • QA Process Development: Setting up a structured QA process.
  • Process Audit and Enhancement: Auditing and improving existing QA processes.
  • Certification Guidance: Consulting to achieve software, process, or QA maturity certifications.
  • Automation Implementation: Advising and setting up test automation.
  • Specialized Software Testing: Guidance on testing specific software types (e.g., IoT, big data).
  • Testing Support: Conducting essential testing activities.
  • Team Training: Equipping in-house QA teams with the necessary skills and knowledge.