Lexplore: an AI-powered assessment tool


Lexplore is an AI-powered assessment tool designed to identify reading difficulties in children efficiently and accurately. Traditional methods of assessing reading difficulties often rely on subjective evaluations or time-consuming assessments, leading to delayed interventions and potential frustrations for students. Lexplore, however, utilizes eye-tracking technology to analyze how a student’s eyes move when reading, providing insights into their reading fluency, decoding skills, and overall reading ability within minutes.


The primary school in question had been grappling with identifying and addressing reading difficulties effectively among its students. Teachers faced challenges in pinpointing specific areas of struggle and providing timely interventions, resulting in some students falling behind in their reading proficiency. The school recognized the need for a more efficient and objective assessment tool to support their students’ literacy development.


Upon discovering Lexplore, the school decided to implement the platform to streamline their reading assessment process. Lexplore’s user-friendly interface and quick assessment turnaround time appealed to the educators, who saw it as an opportunity to gain deeper insights into their students’ reading abilities. The school collaborated with Lexplore to integrate the tool seamlessly into their existing assessment practices and provide training to teachers on how to interpret the results effectively.

Automaticity's Contribution to Lexplore:

Automaticity, a renowned software development and quality assurance (QA) company, played a pivotal role in enhancing Lexplore’s platform through meticulous QA processes, automation architecture, and release management strategies. Leveraging their expertise in software testing and automation, Automaticity collaborated closely with Lexplore to ensure the platform’s reliability, performance, and scalability.

Quality Assurance (QA) Manual:

Automaticity developed a comprehensive QA manual tailored specifically to Lexplore’s requirements and objectives. This manual outlined detailed testing procedures, test cases, and quality metrics to ensure the platform met the highest standards of functionality and usability. By adhering to the QA manual’s guidelines, Automaticity helped Lexplore maintain consistency and reliability across all aspects of the platform.

Automation Process:

Recognizing the need for efficiency and accuracy in testing, Automaticity implemented automated testing processes within Lexplore’s development pipeline. Through the use of industry-leading automation tools and frameworks, Automaticity automated repetitive testing tasks, such as regression testing and performance testing, allowing for faster feedback cycles and quicker identification of potential issues. This automation process significantly reduced testing time and increased overall testing coverage, enhancing the reliability and robustness of the Lexplore platform.

Automation Architecture:

Automaticity designed and implemented a robust automation architecture tailored to Lexplore’s specific requirements. This architecture encompassed the selection of appropriate testing frameworks, the establishment of testing environments, and the integration of automated testing scripts into Lexplore’s continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. By optimizing the automation architecture, Automaticity ensured seamless integration of automated testing into Lexplore’s development workflow, facilitating rapid iteration and deployment of new features and enhancements.

Release Management:

In collaboration with Lexplore’s development team, Automaticity established effective release management processes to streamline the deployment of updates and new features. This involved coordinating release schedules, conducting pre-release testing, and implementing deployment strategies to minimize downtime and disruption to Lexplore’s users. By managing the release process efficiently, Automaticity helped Lexplore deliver timely updates and improvements to its platform, enhancing user satisfaction and maintaining a competitive edge in the education technology market.


Automaticity’s contributions to Lexplore, encompassing QA manual development, automation processes, automation architecture, and release management, have been instrumental in enhancing the platform’s reliability, performance, and agility. Through close collaboration and a commitment to excellence, Automaticity has empowered Lexplore to deliver a cutting-edge reading assessment solution that sets new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in literacy education. Together, Automaticity and Lexplore continue to innovate and drive positive change in the field of education technology, ultimately transforming the way reading difficulties are identified and addressed in students worldwide.