Automaticity’s contribution to the BRAGG project: Automation QA


The BRAGG project faced the challenge of maintaining stringent QA standards amidst rapid development cycles and evolving project requirements. While possessing in-house QA capabilities, the project sought additional expertise to expedite testing processes and enhance test coverage. Given the complexity of their solutions and the need to deliver flawless digital experiences, the BRAGG project sought specialized assistance to effectively bolster its QA capabilities.


Automaticity assigned a seasoned QA automation engineer with extensive experience in both API and E2E automation methodologies to collaborate with the BRAGG project. Leveraging this expertise, the engineer seamlessly integrated with the BRAGG project’s existing QA teams, working closely to streamline testing processes and improve overall software quality.


  • API and E2E Automation Implementation: Recognizing the need for faster testing cycles and comprehensive coverage, the Automaticity engineer implemented automation testing frameworks tailored to the BRAGG project’s specific requirements. They crafted robust test scripts and automation suites for both API and E2E testing, automating repetitive test cases to expedite regression testing and increase overall test coverage.
  • Collaborative Approach: The Automaticity engineer seamlessly integrated into the BRAGG project’s QA teams, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through close collaboration with internal QA professionals, they imparted best practices and methodologies for both API and E2E automation, empowering the team to effectively leverage automation tools in future testing endeavors.


  • Efficiency Gains: Automaticity’s intervention led to significant efficiency gains within the BRAGG project’s QA processes. Implementing API and E2E automation reduced testing cycles, enabling faster time-to-market for new features and enhancements.
  • Enhanced Test Coverage: Through meticulous automation testing across both API and E2E levels, the Automaticity engineer bolstered test coverage, mitigating the risk of critical defects slipping into production. This proactive approach safeguarded the BRAGG project’s reputation and minimized potential setbacks associated with software failures.
  • Improved Software Quality: The collaborative efforts between Automaticity and the BRAGG project’s QA teams yielded tangible improvements in software quality. By rigorously testing each software release through comprehensive automation, they ensured a seamless user experience, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Future Outlook:

As the BRAGG project continues to innovate and expand its digital solutions portfolio, the partnership with Automaticity will remain instrumental in upholding optimal QA standards. By embracing API and E2E automation testing and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, the BRAGG project is poised to sustain its competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, delivering unparalleled value to its stakeholders.